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Karin Sigloch

Karin Sigloch

Principal Investigator of DEEP TIME and Associate Professor of Geophysics (2015 – current)


Research Interests

My primary research interest is in seismic tomography, the science and art of computing three-dimensional maps of the interior of solid bodies — first and foremost, the earth. I apply the tools of tomography to all spatial scales, but most of my work has focused on the earth’s mantle, where we want to understand imaged heterogeneities in terms of geodynamic heat and material flows, and in terms of plate tectonic configurations over geological time.
I also do field experiments that contribute to global data acquisition networks of the seismological community, including novel recordings on the ocean-bottom.


Before moving to the University of Oxford in 2013, I was Assistant Professor in Geophysics at Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich (LMU) in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (2008-2013).

Global mantle structure from multifrequency tomography using P, PP and P-diffracted waves

Kasra Hosseini, Karin Sigloch, Maria Tsekhmistrenko, Afsaneh Zaheri, Tarje Nissen-Meyer, Heiner Igel, Global mantle structure from multifrequency tomography using P, PP and P-diffracted waves, Geophysical Journal International, Volume 220, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 96–141,